Double J – Jamestown and Justin

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  We’ve been on “vacation”….. well, kind of on vacation.  I guess if we’re staying in a hotel, we should call it vacation.  However, I can certainly say that the last week has not been relaxing.  nov2110We’ve been, running like crazy.
First, there was the fast trip to Portland and back.  Then, there was the trip to Virginia which was back to back with the first one.
Our Virginia bound trip required we take Duchess to my cousin’s place.  She lives on the opposite end of Las Vegas than where our RV is parked.  We had very poor timing for that.  l can vouch for the fact that Las Vegas has horrendous 5:00 traffic!  A few hours later that chore was finally behind us and we were trying to get some sleep before the alarm clock starting ringing at 3:00 AM.
nov2111 nov2112 nov2114
Saturday morning rolled around and we were on the plane from Las Vegas to Dallas and then another one from Dallas to Norfolk.  Everything worked like clock work and exactly like we hoped.  Getting our car rental was a breeze but since we had forgotten the GPS, getting to our hotel was a little