Deep In the Heart of Texas

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It seems like every big town has a Market Square.  San Antonio is no different and it has one that is a three-block outdoor plaza lined with restaurants, shops and produce stands near San Antonio’s city center.  It is the largest Mexican market in the U.S. and one of America’s top -ten marketsquareoutdoor markets.  The square has many artists, musicians and dancers to entertain the shoppers.  Needless to say that’s what we read about it and we had to be off to check it out.  We think we were there about 30 years ago but I’ll tell you if either of us could remember where we had shopped that long ago, we’d really be doing good.
Off came the kayaks from the top of the Jeep.  We didn’t know where we’d be parking and certainly didn’t think we’d do well if we had to go into a parking garage.  Then, we headed to city center.  Since it was a Sunday, the place was packed.  There were quite a few parking lots around the El Mercado but they had big signs advertising $20 to park in their lot!  Wow!  Perhaps, it was just Sunday but we figured we’d try again on a weekday.  Next stop was the Riverwalk.


Again, there were quite a few parking lots within a short distance of the Alamo and the Riverwalk.  Actually, the Riverwalk winds around the center of town for about 5 miles so we had lots of places …