Catching Up

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I feel like a slacker this year with postings….I just haven’t felt that there’s been very much to talk about! I’ve taken some pictures, but overall I’m not happy with the quality of them. The air seems awfully hazy much of the time, and I’m having a difficult time catching colors and composing what I feel are nice pictures. I’m especially frustrated when I see the beautiful pictures Sherry over at In The Direction of Our Dreams has been taking. So if you want to see some gorgeous pictures of Acadia, head over there :-).

Regardless of the weather, we have gone out and about. There is a lot to do and see without going too far.
We went geocaching one day on a scenic drive I had read about, on Highway 182 between Franklin and Cherryfield. The was a sign as we were entering Cherryfield stating that it was “the blueberry capital of the world”; so why is it named Cherryfield?? :-). Anyway, there was a cache in this neat little park…

The vehicle that is on exhibit is a galamander. This vehicle, whose name means granite lifter, was used in local quarries for nearly 100 years. It could lift several tons of granite and carry it over miles of rough roads. As far as they know it is the only surviving intact garamander in existence.
The cache was very well hidden, but we were persistent and eventually found it.
There is a beautiful sculpture of granite on the grounds as well. What a difference from rough to finished.
We found a short trail leading to a very pretty lake that had no other visitors.