California Certainly Has Mountains

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We have climbed more mountains this past couple of weeks in our travels south than we ever oct242have before. At least that’s what it seems like.  We don’t go looking for mountains.  Matter of fact, we would like to avoid them if at all possible.  However, if we’ve been trying to avoid them, we’ve not been doing a very good job.

Remember our overnight stay at the Bakersfield Wal-Mart?  Even though it was noisy it was still a perfect place to stay.  For one thing it was free.  Free is almost always good … not always but almost always.  Even though we were kept awake for hours by our neighbor running his generator well past midnight and the local midnight motorcycle riding, we still had a great place to stay.

Photo at rest area showing what could happen with  flash floods.
Tehachapi was certainly ahead of us. When we think of heading south we usually figure we will be crossing two out of what we consider three major mountains.  The first one starts in southern Oregon as we climb the Siskiyous into California.  After that we either go over the Grapevine in Los Angeles or head a little east through Bakersfield  and take the mountain pass at Tehachapi. 

Well, we really had that figured wrong this time.  We certainly outdid ourselves with mountain climbs.  We didn’t do the Siskiyous.  Instead we climbed up and down and around and then up and down and around some more as we headed south on Hwy 101 along the Oregon Coast into the very dense foggy California area. 

Once we got through the fog and the mountains of the northern California area, we had smooth sailing for many wonderful miles on the I-5.

Our stop at the Bakersfield Walmart was the end to the fog and the flat gorgeous freeway system.  We had mountains ahead of us.  Boy … did we have mountains ahead of us and…