Bryce Canyon National Park

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I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station through which God speaks to us every hour if we will only tune in.
There are just some places you have to see and especially if you’re kind of close.  Now I had been to Bryce many years ago.  Terry had not.  We had to go.  It wasn’t a short drive but we still were determined we had to do it.  We did.
You could compare Bryce to Grand Canyon but only becuase you are looking down into the canyon.  However, at Grand Canyon you see canyons.  I think Bryce is much more spectacular.  The vastness of the canyons and the colors are beautiful.   I think pictures just speak for themselves … the good ones and even the bad ones.
Our road trip started fairly early.  For the round trip drive to Bryce we had about 250 miles to go.  We decided to make a loop instead of going and returning on the same route.  The first leg of the trip started with us heading due north on highway I-15.  We climbed and climbed. Then, we went down and down.  Then, we climbed again.  None of the climbs were big but with all the mountains in Utah the only way to get on the other side was to either go through them or over them.  Obviously, without a tunnel we weren’t going through them. 
We stopped at a rest area off of I-15.  We had never seen a fenced pet run at a rest stop.   This was amazing.  It was huge, no other dogs were around and Duchess loved it.   Good job, Utah!
We knew Highway 14 crossing over at Cedar City was closed.  That route climbs to about 10,000 feet but  was closed due to snow.  Thus, we continued on to Highway 20.  We figured it was probably a better route anyway and I’m sure it was.  It was a short 20 miles crossing over to highway 89.  In that 20 miles we saw plenty of snow on the side of the road, icy spots and lots more up and downs including some good 8% grades.  Elevation on this climb took us to about 8100 feet.  We were glad to get on the other side!!
Highway 89 was also a very good road.  We saw several State Troopers with vehicles stopped on the side of the road and lots of varying speed limit signs that waivered between 65 to 55 to 45 to 35 and then back to 65.  We didn’t know if all the varying speeds were a wa…