Bradenton, FL

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Bradenton, FL

Bushnell, FL – Events of Saturday, May 24, 2014

We really love going to Anna Maria Oyster Bar because their fried clam strips are second only to the Ipswich Clambake Company in Massechusetts that we discovered last summer on our tour of New England. However, we only got to eat there once this year.

Anna Maria’s has three locations in and around Bradenton, and we usually eat there after sightseeing in Bradenton or Sarasota. We stopped when we went to De Soto National Memorial with our friends, Marilyn and Alan, early in the winter; but our efforts to get back down to that area for more sightseeing were thwarted either by weather or, more recently, by work the contractors might possibly be doing on our site at Blueberry Hill.

Now that the work on our site is done and we are down to the last few days in Florida, we were looking for any excuse to go to Bradenton so we could stop at Anna Maria’s for clams. Because it was the Memorial Day weekend, we were looking for something low key that wasn’t likely to be too crowded. Margery found a farmer’s market in downtown Bradenton on Saturday, and she also discovered Bradenton has a riverwalk that is very close to the location of the farmer’s market. Perfect.

Since it was late morning when we arrived, the market wasn’t very crowded so we easily found free, on-street parking right next to the market.

Farmers Market_0004
Bradenton farmer’s market

There were several vendors with plants. We knew we would be leaving Florida soon so there wouldn’t be enough time left for Paul to do any planting, but it was fun to look now that we have a place to put plants.

Farmers Market_0002
Paul checking out plants at the farmer’s market

In addition to the plants, there were some crafts, jewelry, local honey and some prepared foods. As usual, we were hoping to be able to buy some tomatoes, and we did find some nice ones in spite of the fact there were only a couple of produce vendors.