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Currently in North Bend OR (Low 55 Sunny Currently 60)
Heading to Newport OR (Currently 55 Sunny High 68) 

Living along a working bay like Coos Bay you sometimes can see a big ship go by. Here is one early in the morning while it was still yucky weather outside.

We recently went to our first Pow Wow, officially the “Coquille Indian Tribe 25th Restoration Celebration Pow Wow”. This was held outside the Mill Casino which is owned by the Coquille Indian Tribe. Here is the big ship tied up next to a big pile of sawdust we saw as we walked to the Pow Wow.

A traditional meal was salmon so that is what they served, first cooking them over and in the fire. Here is the salmon on stakes.

The fire pit.

The finished product, served with brown rice with cranberries, salad and a cornbread muffin. It was very good.