Austerlitz, NY to Westport, NY

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Austerlitz, NY to Westport, NY

Westport, NY – Events of Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On Wednesday morning, we hit the road again. This time, it was a three-hour drive to our next destination – Barber Homestead RV Park in Westport, NY. Barber Homestead is located on the western shore of Lake Champlain in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

Barber Homestead RV Park has around 40 campsites. About half the sites have full hookups and the other half have water and electric only. Four of the full hookup sites have 50-amp electric while all the rest have 30 amps. Our nightly rate with a 10% discount for paying cash was about $28.

The roads and pads at Barber Homestead are dusty gravel. The sites are mostly grass and have decent spacing for a private campground. Fortunately, there is free Wi-Fi that was fairly fast because the Verizon data service in the area was poor – it was weak 1xRTT (2G) service, which is slower than dial-up for data use. We’ll have more about our cell phone and internet connections later in this post.

The campground was having trouble with their Wi-Fi transmitter for the lower section of the campground, and the repair part wasn’t expected until Friday. We’re glad they gave us a site right beside the office where the Wi-Fi was working well because we were both suffering from internet withdrawal with all the difficulty we have been having getting online at our previous stop. What a joy it was to finally have a reliable, fast internet connection!

Barber Homestead_0001
Our site at Barber Homestead Park

Barber Homestead_0003
View down the road

Except for an occasional, distant train, the campground is generally quiet. Our location right next to the office made for a little added commotion with vehicles and RVs driving past our door and with people walking by on their way to and from the office, but it was a small price to pay for having a reliable internet connection given the poor Verizon reception we had at this stop and the last.

of the sites at Barber Homestead are seasonals. As with Woodland Hills
where we just came from, all the seasonal sites are well kept and all have
newer RVs. Many people have built nice decks an…