Arizona Sunrise

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Peace is seeing a sunrise or a sunset and knowing whom to thank.
Monday morning we were greeted with a gorgeous sunrise through our motorhome windshield.  We’re facing the west so it would have been difficult not to see it and be in awe of its beauty.  Arizona is known for beautiful sunrises and beautiful sunsets.
Upon arrival in this area we were ready for something yummy to eat.  We haven’t had a good meal in a restaurant since we left Rib City behind in Washington.   Sundance Restaurant sits on the main road in Apache Junction but it is not really in the center of things.  Not much was around except the parking lot and that was pretty full.  We stopped.
There were many things on that menu that we were tempted to order until the waitress mentioned the special of the evening – prime rib dinner for $9.99.  With all the snowbirds around this area, you can bet there are always many dinner specials at great prices.  We were ready for them.
We ordered the prime rib dinner special …………….. however, would not do that again.  Maybe it was the grade of meat used or maybe it was the utensils provided, but it was chewy and not very tasty. Needless to say, we were a little disappointed.
Would we go back?  Most definitely!!  The reason we would go back is not because of the meal we had or because of the other things on that menu that might be good.    However, the real reason we would return is because of the entertainment.  Southern Drawl was fantastic!  It was the first night they had been booked at this location and the only reason we would consider returning to give Sundance Restaurant another try.
We also know when Sandie and Jim get back in town we will drag them there with us one night when these two guys are playing.
Sunday evening we decided to try a different restaurant in Apache Junction.  This time it was either the Feedbag or Los Gringos Locos.  They share a parking lot so we parked and then made the decision to go to Los Gringos Locos.  We had eaten at this Mexican restaurant last year.  It was okay last year – nothing great but not…