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Ok, as many of you know, due to my spouse’s interest in anything ‘aerospace’ related, I have spent quite a bit of time in airplane/space museums, floating aircraft carriers, etc., if it has a plane, helicopter or rocket we see them – and there are quite a few of those around the country. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours touring the Titan Missile Museum, near Sahuarita, AZ, 25 south of Tucson – it was fascinating! 
Born out of the 1960’s Cuba Missile crisis, the 54 silo sites were built as MAD or “mutually assured destruction” or deterrants to war.

Missile sites were located in Kansas, Arkansas and here in Arizona….and their were hidden in plain sight. The government wanted our enemies to know that we were serious and could destroy them even in the event that they struck first. Frakly, that knowledge didn’t give me a lot of comfort.

Diagram of 18 AZ silo locations

 The guided tour starts with a 17 min video that gives youthe history of  how the silos came to be, the US Air Force stewardship of the program and then the walk-a-bout of  the silo itself. This tour is the bare essentials-tour, one of seven tours offered. There is even a sleep-over program
for those who wish to have a hands-on experience.
Part of the tour we took gave me the opportunity to be “Crew Commander”… answering questions about the control panel and assisting with ‘launching’ the Titan II….selection is by whoever enters the room first.  Anyone can do it!